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There’s no smoke without fire: extinguishing the possibilities of fire hazard

There’s No Smoke Without Fire: Extinguishing the Possibilities of Fire Hazard

Fire is probably the most dangerous hazard as nothing is safe or salvageable from its grasp. It is also one of the most unpredictable industrial hazards as it tends to develop from anything that can fuel flame – usually fabrics, plastics, wood or other chemical substances, all of which can be found within the four walls of your shop or office.

Should you have the unfortunate fate of being struck by this disaster, it can cause you not only your life or your business but it can also cause you billions in damages if it is found that the fire originated from you.

The destructive and uncontrolled nature of fires makes it hard to quench once it sets itself on the path of chaos. Thus, it is important that we make all necessary precautions to prevent rather than fight fire. This is where the brilliance of early fire detection comes in handy.
As with anything, prevention is always better than cure. Being prepared in case of the onslaught of a disaster may incur some costs but surely in the long run, this will help you save money in repairs. Also, having fire detection systems installed within your space can give you peace of mind that you are prepared should the chaotic disaster strike you.

Early fire detection gives you a few precious seconds of head start to prepare your arsenal for your incoming battle with fire. This few extra seconds mark the difference between life and death. Your best weapon against the devastating nature of fire is rapid detection and immediate response.

Fire is caused by many reasons. Often this is due to carelessness and from things we often tend to overlook. From exposed electrical wirings, mishandling flammable chemicals and overheating equipment, you can never expect where a fire would start. Hence, vigilance and caution when it comes to our surroundings is one thing that we must always practices. Here are some common causes of fire within commercial properties that we need to watch out for:

1.Combustible Dust. If you think dust are only harmless inconvenience, then think again. Combustible dust are small particles that can easily be disperse in the air. Once these particles come close to any source of heat or flame, these can explode and spread flame faster than a tick of the clock. Some common examples of these are solid organic materials such as: sugar, flour, and other starchy products. These could be potentially risky if left unattended in kitchens of food establishments. Other potentially risky substances include vapour from air humidifiers, aerosol sprays, dust from any woodworks or metal works.

2.Hot Works. Tasks that heavily involved in flame are also in risk of fire. These are usually common in restaurants and grills where waiters flambé meals in front of customers or open-fire grill systems pose a threat if not handled properly.

3.Combustible Chemicals. Liquids with a trace of alcohol content, flammable gasses and oils and waxes should be carefully stored. These materials if mishandled can cause fire. Hence, it is important to ensure that these are kept at a safe distance from items that can cause heat or ignite electrical sparks.

4.Machinery and Equipment. You should also make sure to regularly inspect your shop equipment for wear and tear. Often, if overused, these tend to overheat or explode.

5.Electrical Hazards. Perhaps one of the most notorious causes of fire are electrical hazards. Electrical fires are usually harder to extinguish. Unlike common fires, you cannot use water to put out electrical fires as these only spreads the fire since water is a natural conductor of electricity.

Fire Detection Systems are one of the most effective ways to prevent fires. These systems can detect smoke or heat source that can potentially develop into disaster. Some systems have built-in alarm systems that automatically alert local emergency services and medical facilities so that they may respond faster should tragedy struck.

There are also modern fire detection systems that allow you to monitor the status of your space even at a distance since they transmit live notifications via smartphone or through your email address. These ensure that even if you are away, you are well-informed about the safety and security of your establishment. Not to mention the added value when you can easily reach out to emergency respond teams within the area should there be accidents while you are away.

Hence, proper installation of these system is an essential requisite since you must determine key places within the area to install the sensors. Alarm systems are also equipped so that once smoke or heat is detected, the system can easily notify the occupants within the vicinity so that they may take proper pre-emptive actions.

Having fire detection systems installed in your space is a convenient insurance since it guarantees safety and security within your shop. Fire alarms serves as warning tools that can aid in the evacuation of those within your building before fire spreads out. It can also direct your attention to potential causes of flame and root of fire so that you may control it even before it began.

When it comes to these systems, it is important to acknowledge the role of early detection since it can help you prevent the devastating chaos that is sure to follow. With that said, fire detection systems can possibly be one of the best investments that you can make for your business. It can safeguard you from both loss of lives and property and is an investment that you can use time after time.

However, to ensure that the system is properly installed and is functioning efficiently, it is important to consult experts who have experience when it comes to setting these up. Should you need assistance in assessment of fire hazards, installation of detection systems and a contact with emergency response teams, do not hesitate to reach out to our team here at Quick Fire & Plumbing Solutions so that we may help safeguard you and your property.